Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is your sanctum of peace and relaxation. It is the one room in your home where you are completely comfortable and one with yourself… it is the most personal space of the house.

Living Room

A well designed space can make the living room a warm place to welcome people, share time with friends and family… it is the heart of the home.


Practicality, heart warming and convenient these are the things that have to be considered in a well-designed kitchen. Honestly, kitchens should really be designed around what’s important – fun, food and life!

Dining Room

The dining room is where the family gathers and where relatives and friends are often entertained. A well balanced design can help stimulate conversation, as well as, appetite. This room should be functional, warm and welcoming.


The bathroom is a self-indulgent space in which we cocoon. It's the perfect private place where we begin and end each day.

Child's Bedroom

Parents may decide to decorate a child’s bedroom for a number of reasons. Moving to a new home, the addition of a new baby brother or sister or just the passing of time can all be reasons to give a child’s bedroom an update. While a child’s bedroom design should reflect the child that lives there, this does not mean allowing the child to make the decorating decisions. It simply means taking their interests, habits and personality into account when decorating. When decorating a child’s bedroom, be sure to reflect who they are for the perfect look!

Guest Room

The term guest room refers to a space that guests would be welcome to stay at your home overnight. The most important piece of furniture is their bed; make the bed the focal point in the room. An inviting guest room with a welcoming bed is appreciated by all guests. Keep in mind; less is more when designing a guest room. Only put on display what you would see in a hotel room.


A well designed ensuite will make you feel like you are visiting a spa. It’s the ideal place to wind down after a busy day… it should feel like heaven on earth.

Front Entrance

Your home's front entrance should entice guests to want to come inside. Entryways that convey an inviting warm feeling, welcome your friends and family with open arms.

Back Entrance

The back entrance to your home should be warm and inviting and introduce a feeling of the style that continues into your overall decorating scheme.

Music Room

Decorate your music room to reflect your creativity and musical style. The room can serve as your music room where you let your creativity flow, or simply reflect your passion for music. The room should feel comfortable and functional, while capturing your style and creativity.


Like most homes, yours probably does not have a mudroom - but it could probably use one. Strictly speaking, mudrooms are found in snowy, damp northern climates and are used as a spot to shed heavy outdoor clothing. But if you think of mudrooms as a cross between a utility room and a walk-in-closet, they belong in any climate. They're a place to stow outerwear, boots, sports gear and anything else you need when you go outside. In short, mudrooms bring order to the most used entry to your home. You can create a well-designed mudroom even in a tight space!


Make the most forgotten room in your home the family’s favorite. Finishing the basement always adds value to your home. Finishing any space according to your needs, adds value to your life. It’s important that the basement feel cozy and inviting... not basement like in any fashion.


Creating a perfectly balanced commercial space takes talent! A well designed commercial space should be functional while ensuring the design reflects the company’s philosophy and mission without sacrificing the aesthetic beauty of the design.