Grand Entrance

Open to the living room, one can see nothing but blue skies and blue ocean once inside this “grand entrance”! To create a focal point, certain features are highlighted; walls are painted in “Devine Mocha”, a soft sandy colour and the crown molding and front door in “Devine Truffle”, a dark espresso brown. Covered in soft creamy fabric, guests are greeted by a comfortable chair and a matching bench. To add a splash of colour, an oil painting depicting waves crashing onto the shore is hung over the hall table, emulating the beautiful view seen from this entrance. In keeping with the theme, accents are placed accordingly to achieve the desired look.

Open & Inviting

This front entrance has very little wall space, making it feel “open & inviting”! A half moon hall table and a round mirror are positioned on the outside wall of the dining room to compliment the smooth curves of the dining room chairs; while at the same time, the soft lines of this furniture help to minimize the squareness of this front entrance. Sandy beige porcelain floor tiles are installed on a diagonal with a granite border inlay added for an element of “wow”!

Warm Reception

This front entrance had all the elements for a great entrance but it felt cold and it was lacking pizzazz! In order to bring this entrance to life, it had to be spiced up and what better way to do that than with a little paint! On the back wall of the niche, “Devine Spice” was chosen, as this colour already existed in the accessories, the metal hall mirror and the stained front door. To ground this rich colour, “Devine Roast” was painted below the molding. Now, family and friends are greeted with a “warm reception” every time they come to visit!